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New Single by Erick Grey “Warm Fuzzy & Mellow” is Satin, Silk, Honey and Fire” - Debbie Burke

I like the way “Ice Cold” plays out like a 90’s but 00’s R&b, Neo-Soul – Fusion of Sounds blended with smoothed out & chill vocals”

DJ B. Will

"Feel the chill"”

Bill Buckley

radio interviews

In case you missed it, "Now, If You Think" and "Where Two Begin" were both debuted on Sophie Sweatman's "Breakout Song Show", on The Source FM, 96.1. Click there to hear the podcast featuring "Now If You Think", and here for My interview with Ms. Sweatman and the world premiere of "Where Two Begin".

"Now If You Think" is on TouchTunes! Download the app, find locations, play the song.